UCAS Personal Statement Advice & Support from Richard Riddell

UCAS Personal Statement Advice & Support from Richard Riddell

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I’m often asked by students to help with their personal statement. It’s true that the personal statement is one of those things that is often left to the last minute.

I just want to shout and tell students that it’s the most important task to get right at the first attempt! There isn’t really (unless you take a gap year) the flexibility to do that.

Getting your UCAS statement done over the summer holidays is a luxury and most students will not do it until the start of the academic year. According to UCAS 60% of students submit their statements in the last two weeks of December & January. If you get ahead of the crowd then you will have a much better chance of getting an offer at your first choice university. It’s not common knowledge but if you can complete and submit your UCAS statement ahead of time then universities are more likely to offer you a place – even if your predicted grades are lower than what they request.

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