The Master Tutor Training Programme

We are determined to set new standards in the tutoring sector, so have developed our own unique training programme. We want all parents and students to be confident that the services they enjoy are of a consistently high quality.

As with all employees, we put candidate tutors through a rigorous interview process, not just to ensure they know their subjects intimately, but are also of the ‘right sort’. We look for inspirational and like-minded characters who will be regarded as great assets to the organisation.

All candidate tutors are offered the opportunity to join our Tutor Training Programme (TTP) that, over and above training and examinations, does also include a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) process so they can remain at the top of their game. Once they have satisfied the TTP they are regarded as Super Tutors. The TTP is not a contrived ‘one-off’ qualification – it is an ongoing programme of development that tutors have to maintain or risk losing their accreditation.

Tutor Qualification

The Tutor Training Programme process involves:
1. Examination
Before they can join the TTP, candidate tutors will need to sit an examination, not only in their core subject(s) but also to test their level of literacy and mathematical skills.
2. School Placement
Candidate tutors undertake a placement with a partner school. They will be involved with supporting a group of students on a one-to-one basis and in helping them formulate a plan of action that the student can use to improve their grades.
3. Accreditation
On the satisfactory completion of the work placement, our tutors will be awarded a professional accreditation – Exam Confidence are the only tutoring agency in the UK to provide this enhanced qualification.
4. Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
All tutors will be required to attend regular workshops to share their tutoring experiences, techniques and methodology amongst their peers. These mutually-beneficial workshops will also allow Exam Confidence to explain developments in the organisation’s methodology – the sole purpose of the CPD workshops is to enhance our tutoring services in order to optimize the student experience and give students the best possible opportunity to succeed.
5. Ongoing Portfolio Assessment
Our tutors will all keep records regarding the students that they have worked with- providing continuous feedback and reports as to their progress after they have gone into Higher Education.