Setting goals & then exceeding them! #BOOM

Setting goals & then exceeding them! #BOOM

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Students often come to see me with no clear objective in their mind of where they want to go.  Just wanting “to go to university” or “get a job” isn’t good enough. When I meet students at my workshops, I always impress the importance of setting measurable goals.

Most of us understand the importance of having goals but actually implementing a process which will allow you to deliver is where we can come unstuck!

Over the years I have become the UK’s leading expert in exam technique strategies. It’s not just enough to revise in your room. You must understand the importance of developing clear and simple strategies that you can put into place to ensure that you achieve academic success.  I have spent time with the country’s leading psychologists and education researchers to create the most effective way to achieve success. I have revolutionised the way that students revise and learn.  Using my learning strategies will change the way that you plan your revision and work. It’s so powerful that thousands of students up and down the country now use my method.

Students now applying to university must have an outstanding track record of academic achievement, but they also must be the best at everything else that they do. Relying on academic success will not be enough. I often refer to success as a #BOOM. You need to #BOOM in everything that you do.

If you would like to listen to a free webinar on the #BOOM strategies to achieving academic success then please call me on 0208 045 1370 or…

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