School Placements

School Placements

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Finding the right school for your child in London can be challenging. Each school in London has its own quirks that or may not suit your child. Richard offers a personalized school advisory and placement consultancy, putting the child at the center of the whole journey.

Initially, Richard will meet with you and your child and help understand the drivers, learning style, sporting and academics interests to help identify the most appropriate lists of schools.

Richard will also carry out a comprehensive academic assessment to identify future academic potential as well as identifying any gaps in current knowledge.

Richard will then produce a short list of suitable schools and arrange a tour of the selected ones. Several schools have their own interview and application process, Richard will liaise and coordinate the arrangements for that while providing the school with a detailed assessment that has already been carried out.

Schools in London generally have five applications to every one placed so being prepared and having a clear plan and understanding of each of the schools is essential.

  • Family academic meeting
  • School shortlist selection
  • School visit
  • Application
  • On going progress reports
  • Successful placement

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