Sally- HPAI, Hyp Prac, IEMT,  EFT,  Reiki I & II.

Sally has been working as a hypnotherapist and intuitive coach in central London for 30 years and her clients include top CEO’s, executives, actors, entrepreneurs and students who want achieve and exceed their goals.

Clients come to Sally for help with many issues but predominantly she helps with anxiety, depression, clearing false beliefs, addictions and rebalancing.

Through Sally’s transformational work her clients enjoy

  • Enhanced motivation, performance & results
  • Increased self-belief, self-image & self-worth
  • Release of past pain & emotional balance
  • Abundant feelings of positivity & happiness
  • Improved personal & professional relationships
  • Stress/anxiety management & relaxation
  • Personal & professional growth

Sally uses multiple approaches including hypnosis, mindfulness, EFT, imagery and visualisation but fundamentally she uses her gift of incredible intuition to guide her therapy.

Sally is passionate about helping her clients overcome their barriers to success and helps them to find their keys to a wholesome and rewarding life.

Sally is based in St James’s, London and is fully insured by HPAI.