Private & Personal Tutoring and Our Approach to Home Tuition

Initial consultation

After an initial enquiry has been made, we conduct a learning style assessment, during which the student’s learning style and interests can be better understood. Additionally, school reports and old exam papers are reviewed in order to appreciate the student’s current status and map out the potential to improve. We like to call this our “goal setting” session.

Selection of an appropriate tutor

The candidate fills out our comprehensive Exam Confidence Student Learning Style Assessment in order for us to propose the most appropriate tutor. We pride ourselves on having high quality tutors across a wide range of subjects and will endeavour to find the ideal tutor for you.

Tutor manager assigned

We will appoint a specific tutoring manager to support each family (parents/student). This manager will be your key point of contact.

Private Tutoring sessions

We will work with you to ensure that the date, time and location of your first tuition session are convenient for you. At the first session specific goals and objectives will be set. The tutor will review previous work undertaken by the student and pinpoint areas for development. Mutually convenient follow-up sessions will be organised with the tutor directly.

Ongoing feedback

We have an established formal and ongoing feedback procedure – over-and-above the availability of the assigned liaison manager, families (parents and student) will be sent a regular Feedback Report to fill in and return to ensure that everybody is happy with the service being provided.

Learning How to Learn

All of the students that we help are invited to at least one of our “Exam Technique” workshops that are held throughout the year. We’re experts in helping students set goals and then achieving them! So often at school time is not spent on understanding the importance of understanding how students learn. These exam technique workshops focus purely on those areas. Private tutoring and personal tutoring at home can be a very effective way to bridge knowledge gaps and to ensure academic success.

Planning your way to exam success

If you’re worried you won’t achieve the results you need to get into your chosen university and ultimately have the career you’ve set your heart on, you need to start planning – you need an exam strategy. Private tutoring, done effectively can be very helpful.

We have helped thousands of students during the last 6 years. We understand your predicament and can draw on the considerable experience of our team of tutors to help you perform effectively. We have a small team of core tutors that we regularly use.