Performance and Exam Technique Coaching

Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard you try, you’re not going to achieve the grades you deserve!

Measurable and meaningful improvements

Our own founder, Richard has changed the lives of students in the UK and overseas. Through his inspirational and methodical approach he has helped to inspire and change the mind-set of students as they approach their exams.

After a career in teaching Richard focused on setting up his own education agency, working with over 40 schools throughout the UK where an advisory board and team of education mentors was created to support him throughout this journey. Working alongside these experts, Richard was able to form his own theories and opinions from their expert advice, effectively learning from the best.

With his unique coaching and training methodologies such as the Exam Confidence SAS model™, and Exam Confidence Performance Training™, Richard has demonstrated that he is one of the leaders in his field, now having helped in excess of 3,000 students.

Richard is passionate about education and the need for continually improving the learning of our future leaders. Our children learn at a different pace and often in an entirely different way. Being able to grasp that at a young age is key and as parents you play a significant role in supporting your child to develop the skills and confidence that they will require at later stages in their life.

Richard is often asked to run workshops for parents, schools and teachers and is frequently asked to coach students by families.

Do you:
• Feel nervous or stressed about the exam process?
• Worry that you might have a ‘mind blank’ during exams?
• Have other pressures that might impact on your ability to study?
• Struggle with motivation and focus during preparation for exams?
• Find it difficult to organise yourself and revise effectively?
• Need help to develop or improve your learning and memory strategies?
• Want to give yourself the best possible chance to succeed?

We appreciate that exam time can cause significant anxiety – exams can make even the most confident students worry that they are not going to perform well. But we can act as your personal support team, to help you negotiate the process and ensure your exam results reflect your abilities and all the hard work you’ve put into your studies.

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