Oxford Revision Courses

Thinking of heading to Oxford University?  Aiming to do a top level degree in Medicine or Dentistry?  Resolving that your future success is going to be helped significantly by maximising your exam marks?  If so, then chances are, you’re contemplating enrolling in an exam revision course or two.

With a brand like Oxford University nearby, good vibes spread, suggesting that doing an A level revision in Oxford, or, for that matter our Oxford revision courses, would provide you with the best possible opportunities for effective exam revision.  We at Exam Confidence firmly believe that we are the best – we facilitate our courses with chief and principal examiners and we develop our courses based on the principles of performance psychology.  At Exam Confidence, although our reach is well beyond Oxford, our nearest centre is currently the City of London School for Girls, London.  We believe it a journey highly worth making – please read on to understand why.

Building confidence requires an environment where you feel comfortable to take risks; to put yourself out there and take a chance on being wrong…or on being right!  Maintaining motivation requires the setting of goals; a plan for achievement and a review strategy to ensure staying on track.  Our performance psychologist has many years of experience working with Olympic athletes and professional sportsmen and women from a myriad of sports.  She now applies that experience to working with schools, teaching staff, educational leaders and individual students, to enhance performance.  We have her on board with our revision courses to ensure that you are in the right environment with the right structure and information to enhance your performance.

We build your exam preparation through providing the most up-to-date and pertinent information, tailored to their individual requirements.  Our chief and principal examiners are on hand to provide exam technique specific to the unit requirements and to answer any questions arising.  You’ll do past papers and have immediate feedback from your teachers regarding both content and structure of your answers.  Your teacher will be there to cover syllabus details – your particular areas you will have highlighted to us in your pre-course entry questionnaire.  A Level revision courses are a dime a dozen, but you want to ensure that you have the following:

  • Small class sizes (max 10; average 6)
  • Chief/principal examiners
  • Enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers
  • Focussed organisation of content
  • Opportunity to practice exam questions and receive feedback
  • Positive, energised environment that means you’re comfortable asking the questions you need

So the next time you’re looking for revision courses in Oxford, or revision courses near Oxford,  please consider hopping on a train and coming down to London for truly exceptional A Level and IB revision courses.  We know you’ll be happy you made the right decision – as our other students have done in the past.  Just take a read below of some of their feedback they’ve provided to us:


 Exam Confidence have allowed me to achieve my ambition of attending my first choice university. I can now fulfil my ambition of studying dentistry at university. Thank you for your help with everything – from helping to review my personal statement to providing the support during the revision courses in London.