MDS Marathon & Exam Preparation

MDS Marathon & Exam Preparation

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I was persuaded to run the Marathon Des Sables (MDS) by a very good friend of mine several years ago. It was a bet that I thought that I would never had to follow through with.

At the start of the May 2015 I was sent an email by Jon with a confirmation of his place on the event for 2016. His email started “I am writing to you as I believe you have the physical fitness mental determination and strength of character to join me on the Marathon Des Sables….”

Completing the MDS for me is going to be the most challenging feat that I have ever undertaken. I have completed a few marathons in respectable times but they’ve “only” been a test of endurance for that day. Running the MDS is a comparable to revising and preparing for a set of exams. The training has to start months in advance and there is no chance of being able to turn up at the start line with the hope that you’ll be able to finish it without serious injury. Similarly completing a short test in school is probably something that you could complete without much preparation but an end of year exam is one that will need the preparation and focus for a considerable amount of time.

I spend a considerable amount of time speaking to students about the importance of the main drivers to success. It’ll come as no surprise to many people that these areas are:

  • Resilience
  • Physical fitness
  • Revision & Exam Technique

As with any student or athlete that is preparing for a race they will need to ensure that they are prepared. If you are interested in hearing more about these areas of focus / drivers then have a look at the Exam Confidence Youtube channel or visit

As a reward –When booking a place onto my event for parents if you quote – MDS then you’ll receive the exam technique workshop for only £15 instead of £25. The parent workshop is only for parents.

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