Luke is a friendly and engaging full-time professional tutor, and has a varied experience of tutoring and mentoring children of all ages in particular from 13-18 and a great deal of knowledge assisting students with English and verbal/non reasoning entrance exams (for children aged 6-16). Luke is an approved ‘Richard Riddell’ tutor in English, History & Drama and entrance exams. Luke graduated with a 2;1 from the university of Exeter with a BA Hons in English.

Luke has three years of extensive tutoring experience with children aged between 5-18. Luke’s objective is not only to make students understand the theory and get them ready for their examinations, but also to ensure they have a firm understanding of the subject as a whole. His approach is to firstly identify the strengths and weaknesses of a student in a particular topic, and assess what steps need to be taken for advancement. In each lesson, he spends time covering background knowledge and past papers. Luke takes pride in helping students to develop both academically and artistically using the Four R’s method – four sets of tasks that students can do independently to improve their own progress & homework from school – reflect, read around, review, respond to feedback. He is a very likable, friendly and supportive tutor, and excels in getting the best out of his students.

Most recently Luke has helped a student from an international private family achieve a significant progress in his English reading and comprehension, helping the student increase by a whole academic year in just 6 weeks. The student was assessed using the internationally recognised VARK learning style assessment as well as the GL Age Standardised Assessment Tests to measure his progress.