Maths Tutor

Maths Tutor

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Maths is a subject in particular that requires an extraordinary amount of ability, and a keen memory for theory. But even if you struggle with the subject, it is important to remember that with the correct guidance and the best tutors, you can do as well in your examinations as you want.

Teaching is the art of facilitating and sharing knowledge

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I met up with a great friend of mine over the weekend: Tom Faiers. Tom is one of the most inspiring teachers that I know. The way that he teaches his subject is incredible as he understands how to connect with every single student in a way that very few teachers actually do. I came away from our conversation thinking to myself that teaching is not difficult. Teaching is the art of facilitating and sharing knowledge. Think back to a stage at school when you were in a lesson counting down the minutes until it finished. Why did you want to leave that lesson in such a hurry? Was the teacher teaching in a style that was routine and boring? Was he or she teaching in the way they were taught at school? The art of teaching is straightforward. As a teacher you must connect and inspire your students.  If

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