Entrance Exams

Entrance Exams

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For every place at a prep school in London there are approximately 5 applicants. According to recent research 49% of families have a private tutor for their child in London. Preparing your child for entrance exams can be a double trouchant (double knife edge sword).

Tutoring your child can be a very effective way of closing a knowledge gap in your child’s understanding. However, done incorrectly, this could have an adverse effect on their learning development. Understanding the subtleties of what each school looks for in terms of verbal, non-verbal and Maths schools will vary from school to school. Richard believes in closing a knowledge gap if a student needs the support. However what is more important is understanding a student’s learning style. With this in mind, Richard’s approach to supporting, mentoring a child is unique. Understanding the reasons why students learn in a certain way will, in the short and long run help them retain and recall information more efficiently. These skills are easy to teach but often not focused on at all. Any support that Richard or his team offer starts with a premise that students don’t understand how to learn and therefore the first session will assess the students learning style and then coach towards that preference. In this way, a student’s progress can be easily measured with longer-term benefits. Richard is averse to simply cramming students for the sake of getting into the most appropriate school. Using this approach, Richard has gained the respect of many heads of schools in London and further afield. Richard and his team run regular workshops for both students and parents to help them understand how to prepare for the entrance exams.


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