Daisy has been working in education since graduating from The University of Manchester in 2007. In the years following her graduation she has continued to develop her knowledge in a wide range of areas and believes that her passion for teaching comes from her love of and appetite for learning. Having gained three As at A level, and a further A and B at AS, she went onto study at the University of Manchester where she graduated with a 2,1 in English Literature, Film and Drama. Since then she has a gained a distinction in Film Making from the London Film Academy (accredited by Goldsmiths College), has trained as a Director at RADA and has completed an Advanced Diploma in Psychology. She has a vital passion for the arts, for politics and for the social sciences. She has written and directed for theatre and film, and is co-founder of theatre company Imaginary Friends. Daisy has worked with children and adults at a wide range of stages in their academic careers; strongly believing in the tutor-tutee relationship as a powerful catalyst for a learner’s development, whether in a school, tuition centre or working one to one with a pupil. Daisy is committed to the creation of a nurturing and empowering learning environment in which tutees are motivated, engaged and inspired to grow. Her adaptability comes from her pupil centered philosophy, and involves creating imaginative lesson plans and calling upon a wide range of learning strategies to meet the unique needs to every student. Rather than supplying a pupil with answers, she will always encourage a pupil to achieve the satisfaction of finding it for themselves. She has found this method to be helpful in committing method as well as material to memory and in fostering students who are confident in their understanding of what they are studying.

Daisy has worked with a number of schools to improve the performance of less able students. She has a strong track record of helping turned-off and resistant students to develop the confidence they need to engage and progress. She travels up and down the country delivering creative writing days in schools and always gets a huge buzz from seeing students turn the contents of their imagination into carefully crafted pieces of written work. Daisy has designed and run group and individual courses for 7+, 11+ and 13+ students and has seen them gain entry to schools including Eton, Westminster, Streatham School for Girls and Graveney School. Having gained entrance into a prestigious grammar school herself, she understands the pressure on children and parents in the run up to these exams, and places importance on devising a strategy for preparation that is robust, but includes rests and fun! Daisy has a TEFL qualification accredited by the Kingston University and enjoys helping students to improve their English reading, writing and listening skills, and scores in the IELTS exam. She has a had countless successes in this area, and loves to see the difference that it makes to students, both in terms of getting on in their careers and their everyday lives. She is perhaps most proud of the work that she does with A level, Undergraduate and post graduate students, helping to them to unpack texts, get to grips with concepts and to structure and execute essays, at a critical stage in their academic careers. Daisy is currently training to qualify as a mindfulness coach in schools, and can offer supplementary help to children and parents who are feeling stressed, particularly due to the pressures of exams. Daisy also lectures in animal rights, and visits primary schools, secondary schools and colleges, giving talks and workshops in this area, as well as vegetarian cookery demonstrations. She is dedicated to helping students to develop critical thinking skills, and encourages all of her students to interrogate the world around them. Daisy hopes to have a lasting affect on the pupils she works with; leaving them with a passion for learning, a mature and responsible approach to studying, and the skills that they need to achieve their goals.


“Daisy-May is a lovely, sweet and great teacher. My year 5 daughter loved her lessons and made progress in creative writing and 11+ preparation. Thank you for all your helps Daisy May!” “My daughter and I rate Daisy-May most highly for her knowledge, teaching ability and enthusiasm. She has been invaluable to her in her preparation for the English Lit GCSE exams.” “Daisy-May is an excellent teacher. She created in my 10 year old boy a real interest in creative writing plus every subjects chosen by Daisy May are rich on English history. She increased his confidence in his writing skills and built a wilder vocabulary, as a french family who speak mostly french at home it’s a big win. ” “An eloquent woman with a limitless vocabulary and knowledge – I was learning something new every day.” – Joseph Stevenson (Drama Student.) “Daisy is a fun and approachable teacher and would be suited to teach any class.” – Lauchlan Maclean-Bristol, Training Director “Thank you for coming to St Peter’s and delivering a wonderful day of creative writing activities. We really enjoyed meeting you, and the children are still talking about all the things they learnt.” – Mrs Mason, Year Six Teacher at St Peters. “I passed with a 2,1 and a first my dissertation. I definitely couldn’t have done it without you and I had a great time working with you regardless, so thank you so much for everything.” – Ron Ziser (Art History Student.)