MDS Marathon & Exam Preparation

MDS Marathon & Exam Preparation

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I was persuaded to run the Marathon Des Sables (MDS) by a very good friend of mine several years ago. It was a bet that I thought that I would never had to follow through with. At the start of the May 2015 I was sent an email by Jon with a confirmation of his place on the event for 2016. His email started “I am writing to you as I believe you have the physical fitness mental determination and strength of character to join me on the Marathon Des Sables….” Completing the MDS for me is going to be the most challenging feat that I have ever undertaken. I have completed a few marathons in respectable times but they’ve “only” been a test of endurance for that day. Running the MDS is a comparable to revising and preparing for a set of exams. The training has to start months in advance

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School Placements

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Finding the right school for your child in London can be challenging. Each school in London has its own quirks that or may not suit your child. Richard offers a personalized school advisory and placement consultancy, putting the child at the center of the whole journey. Initially, Richard will meet with you and your child and help understand the drivers, learning style, sporting and academics interests to help identify the most appropriate lists of schools. Richard will also carry out a comprehensive academic assessment to identify future academic potential as well as identifying any gaps in current knowledge. Richard will then produce a short list of suitable schools and arrange a tour of the selected ones. Several schools have their own interview and application process, Richard will liaise and coordinate the arrangements for that while providing the school with a detailed assessment that has already been carried out. Schools in

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Entrance Exams

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For every place at a prep school in London there are approximately 5 applicants. According to recent research 49% of families have a private tutor for their child in London. Preparing your child for entrance exams can be a double trouchant (double knife edge sword). Tutoring your child can be a very effective way of closing a knowledge gap in your child’s understanding. However, done incorrectly, this could have an adverse effect on their learning development. Understanding the subtleties of what each school looks for in terms of verbal, non-verbal and Maths schools will vary from school to school. Richard believes in closing a knowledge gap if a student needs the support. However what is more important is understanding a student’s learning style. With this in mind, Richard’s approach to supporting, mentoring a child is unique. Understanding the reasons why students learn in a certain way will, in the short

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Private Tutoring

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Private tutoring is an instrumental tool in making sure you do the best you can possibly do in your exams. There has been a massive surge in families in London hiring the best private tutors, for two distinct reasons. 1. To bridge the gaps in the student’s knowledge and understanding of a specific subject: Many students have gaps in subject knowledge, and it can be useful to plug those gaps with consistent and engaging tuition. 2. To enable the student to learn at their own pace, in contrast to the fast-moving classroom environment: Some students learn better in this one-to-one way, especially in subjects that they struggle with, and if they are having problems in school or in the classroom. Private tutors are so useful because if you don’t have a fantastic grasp of the modules being taught, and if you are not confident with exam technique, they can provide

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A Level Tutors

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If you are struggling to get ahead with your algebra and averages, or even your Shakespeare and Austen, we have a fantastic range of A Level tutors who will be able to guide you through the more complex areas of your subject with expert tuition. Our inspiring tutors offer top notch results across a range of disciplines and subjects, and have been trained in the Richard Riddell ‘Four R’s methodology. Because of this, they are particularly adept at offering exam technique guidance, which when combined with subject knowledge, can result in superior grades. While focusing on exam technique, our A Level tutors are also keenly aware of the specifics of individual modules. These tutors are not just graduates out of university. They are experienced, professional and inspiring tutors, with a real passion for ensuring students know all there is to know all about the subject in full. They have a

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Peak Performance in Exams

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As one of the UK’s leading exam technique experts, I understand what it takes to deliver outstanding results. It has taken years of research and piloting to get to the stage that we’re at and we’re not finished yet! In my experience the key lies within the individual. When I assess students, I firstly assess their aptitude for learning. To me this involves identifying their core drivers of motivation. Firstly, do they have what it takes? Does the student have the motivation and reason for success? I have often worked with students who have under performed in their entrance exams or GCSEs and A Levels, whilst their peers have succeeded. For some students this is motivation enough. They don’t want to be left behind. For other students the motivation for success comes from within. These are the students who are motivated to succeed because they want to attend the university of their

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Setting goals & then exceeding them! #BOOM

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Students often come to see me with no clear objective in their mind of where they want to go.  Just wanting “to go to university” or “get a job” isn’t good enough. When I meet students at my workshops, I always impress the importance of setting measurable goals. Most of us understand the importance of having goals but actually implementing a process which will allow you to deliver is where we can come unstuck! Over the years I have become the UK’s leading expert in exam technique strategies. It’s not just enough to revise in your room. You must understand the importance of developing clear and simple strategies that you can put into place to ensure that you achieve academic success.  I have spent time with the country’s leading psychologists and education researchers to create the most effective way to achieve success. I have revolutionised the way that students revise and learn.  Using

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Why Schools & Teachers Often Don’t Have A Grip; Predicting Grades For University

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Getting into university can be like buying a lottery ticket for some students. We’re approaching that dreaded time of year when year 13 students approach their head of 6th form or their tutors and ask for their predicted grades which will allow them to apply to university.

UCAS Personal Statement Advice & Support from Richard Riddell

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I’m often asked by students to help with their personal statement. It’s true that the personal statement is one of those things that is often left to the last minute. I just want to shout and tell students that it’s the most important task to get right at the first attempt! There isn’t really (unless you take a gap year) the flexibility to do that. Getting your UCAS statement done over the summer holidays is a luxury and most students will not do it until the start of the academic year. According to UCAS 60% of students submit their statements in the last two weeks of December & January. If you get ahead of the crowd then you will have a much better chance of getting an offer at your first choice university. It’s not common knowledge but if you can complete and submit your UCAS statement ahead of time

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Goal Setting

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At some point in your school life, you will under-perform. Determining how quickly you get back on track could make a difference to your GCSEs, A-Levels or university degree. Richard has created, in partnership with one of the UK’s leading software companies, an individualised goal setting assessment that can be used to profile any student’s current level of academic performance. From this Richard can determine the areas of focus far more quickly than any other education consultant, teacher or parent. A series of tests are used to develop an understanding that can be used to assess students’ performance.  From this initial testing and scoring process Richard sets and agrees a series of performance objectives that students work towards.