Our history

Exam Confidence, was founded in 2009 by former teacher Richard Riddell on the back of a simple truism – we succeed in the subjects we love.

There are many reasons why a student might fall out of love with a subject, and grades will undoubtedly suffer as a consequence. And with exams on the horizon the pressure and frustration can build to the point where there seems no way forward. But it need not be that way.

When Exam Confidence started in 2009 we offered tailored revision courses run by senior examiners to small groups of GCSE and A Level students in West Sussex. We worked closely with local schools to deliver courses that were both meaningful and inspirational. They were a great success.

We’ve since evolved and grown our educational operations – and are now able to provide not only exam revision courses, but also private tuition sessions for individuals and other supplemental programmes primarily across London and the South East. But if you live further afield we might still be able to help – we are developing a nationwide network of tutors.

Every tutor in our team is offered the opportunity to join an extensive training programme, developed and run by senior examiners across a range of key subjects. Those who pass this will receive an independently accredited status and be designated as ‘Super Tutors’. This private tutoring training, combined where necessary with support from our professional performance coaches, means that students will receive the highest possible standard of teaching to supplement their classroom-based education and help them pass their exams.

Exam Confidence focuses on:

  • Individual Tutoring
  • The Grade Guarantee Programme
  • Performance and Motivational Coaching
  • UCAS Support for University Applications
  • Programmes for Schools
  • Home Schooling Students

Our Advisory Board

A unique feature of our organisation is our Advisory Board. Made up of serving head teachers, deputy heads and sixth form tutors, the Advisory Board regularly meets with our team to discuss up-to-date techniques and developments in the educational sector, insights that can then pass onto the schools, parents and students we advise.

This tried-and-tested Exam Confidence™ methodology has proven to be successful, and is a reflection of the fact that we are always searching for innovative ways in which we can improve and deliver meaningful results.

Toby Mullins – Toby is a former chair of the HMC conference, which takes place annually, and is responsible for accrediting most of the independent schools in the UK. As a former inspector, Toby understands the difficulties of selecting the most appropriate school for your child.

Breege Jinks – The deputy head at Seaford College, Breege is an examiner, and a creative and inspiring Maths teacher. She has been on the board since its inception four years ago.

Tom Faiers – Tom is the head of Economics at a leading comprehensive school in Suffolk. Richard and Tom met at the IOE, where they both completed their PGCSE in Economics. Tom’s passion for teaching and learning has led to a significant increase in the amount of students studying Economics at his school, as well as a huge surge in grades overall. Tom is responsible for the delivery of our 5 Rs programme, which teaches how to make a fundamental shift in the way you should revise at home. As a consequence, Tom has developed what has become a revolutionary approach to learning, and is an inspirational Economics teacher. He is also a rare collector of birds.

Richard Coleman – Richard is the ‘mad physicist’, and the head of department at a leading grammar school in the UK. Richard inspires confidence, trust and a love for his subject. Richard joined our advisory board as a Newly Qualified Teacher. He has fast become one of the finest Physics teachers in the UK.

Richard Riddell – Founder & CEO

Richard is one of the country’s leading educational performance consultants*. Having first trained as an accountant, Richard decided on a career change and retrained to become an Economics and Business teacher.

In 2009, Richard set up Exam Confidence in Sussex, and has subsequently become an education sector ‘thought leader’ and inspirational classroom practitioner.

His engaging, reflective and inspiring style of leadership have resulted in schools, academies and trusts contracting him to help support their teaching development – and the programmes he has developed for Exam Confidence have benefitted thousands of students in London and the South of England.

Richard is also a commentator within the education sector in the media, having appeared regularly on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ and Sky News, as well as having articles published in several national newspapers including The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail.

*A performance consultant unlocks the potential in individuals (or students in this case!) Richard achieves this by assessing a students learning style and then helping them to understand the ways in which they can learn more effectively.

Luke Theobald – Super Tutor

Hailing from just outside the Peak District, Luke attained top A-Level grades at Chellaston Academy in 2009, before being accepted into the University of Exeter where he studied English for three years. He obtained a 2:1 Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree, and moved to London soon afterwards.

As well as his super tutoring duties, he has on several occasions featured on BBC Radio 4 as part of his comedy sketch group The Jest, and he is passionate about film and genealogy.

Our Tutors

We have already established a reputation for being the ‘go-to’ organisation for schools and parents requiring supplementary tutoring, revision courses and education-related advice.

The key to our success is the educational team we have created – not only are they experienced and highly skilled, they are also ‘the right sort’ – we choose inspirational characters.

We place great emphasis on our tutors being patient and empathetic – and we’re confident that these qualities are key to helping equip students with the learning techniques and self-confidence they need to achieve impressive examination results.

And of course, we have a select group of accredited Super Tutors who offer superior academic support.